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With the touch screen operation and humanized design, it realizes the simple and intuitive operation.

The fault rate is very low after a long-term use.

The photoelectric sensor and pneumatic door adopt the linkage control, and the defective......

With the pneumatically actuated control valve, it is efficient and safe. Each flow channel can be .......

The setting of filling quantity can be carried out freely on the touch screen.

It can meet the filling production of all fluids, semi-fluids and sauces, according to the different configurations.

Lu Tai Machinery is the industry earlier through the "ISO9001-2008" quality management system of the company

Qingzhou Lutai Machinery Co., Ltd.

  Qingzhou Lutai Machinery Co., Ltd. is headquartered in the Economic Development Zone, Qingzhou of Shandong which is the famous historic and cultural city.
  Lutai Machinery has been devoting to the research and development of the liquid packaging equipment and water treatment equipment over the years. It has become the professional producer with a certain scale in the domestic industry and is one of the best-selling packaging equipment brands.

The filling equipment of Qingzhou Lutai Machinery Co., Ltd. passes the CE certification of the EU.


Make Every Product, Serve Every Customer

  • Edible oil filling machine plays an increasingly important role for the production of enter......

  • At present, the market economy is developing rapidly, the national economy has improved, an......

  • Scope of application: this model is suitable for quantitative filling of viscous liquid in 。。。。。。

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